What is Chair Fencing ?

Wheel Chair Fencing was is the original Paralympic adaption of the Sport. Chair fencing has been developed to assist participants with Mobility and Motor disorders. It is a unique and amazing sport that can be played by all . It uses Core strength to avoid and defend against attacks.

The Sport has exit routes to professional sport and is supported by the Sports Governing body and IWAS. 

Why try Chair Fencing ?

Chair fencing is an adapted version of the standing sport. It is ideal for participants who want to challenge themselves.

Not every participant who has a disability that affects their mobility wants to stay seated.

Wheel chair fencing uses specialist equipment and an adapted Piste to ensure a great fencing experience.

Our Programme has also been designed to assist as a therapy for Cerebral Palsy and other Motor Disorders.

Backed by our Therapy through fencing programme frame fencing develops core strength, coordination, muscle strength, self confidence, motor skills and mental resilience.

Where can i try Chair Fencing ?

Our team of specialist coaches run sessions in our 4 All Inclusive Fencing Clubs. 

We are also able to bring our programme to you

To find out how you can join our School network or community fencing programme Call James or Emma on 07802 223436.