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Pirate Fencing Early Years development Programme for children in Reception and Foundation Stage. Designed to meet the Unique Child Development Stages for 30- 50 months. 

What is the EYFS Development 4 All Programme.

This is a unique Cross curriculum learning experience designed to development young learners in Early Years and Foundation stages.

The programme has been designed to introduce children at a young age to Special educational need and disabilities. It promotes Inclusion and equality throughout through the interaction between the characters.

It uses Stories, games and educational tasks designed to help learners meet ELGs and age and development statements whilst capturing the learner’s imagination.

The programme has been designed to improve mental resilience in learners whilst promoting, tolerance, teamwork, cooperation and collaboration.

The sports activities have been specially selected to develop physical literacy within young learners. It builds on the learner’s core skills, agility, balance and coordination.

The programme has been designed with assessment in mind and has a quick reference observation and evidence pack. Allowing teaching staff to gain evidence quickly.

The Programme has been designed to introduce the learners to physical activity and sport at and early age. The aim is to build a desire within the learner to continue this throughout school.

Available for schools Knights and Princesses, Pirates and Robin Hood Fencing.

We have a range a schemes of work to fit into your school topic whether you are looking to set sail as pirates or looking at Knights and Princesses for traditional stories we have the right programme to help develop an unique child..

" Dear James and Emma,
Please find attached a handful of pictures from the fencing sessions you have so kindly done with our children in EYFS at St John's Penistone.
It has been a pleasure to have you both here teaching our children as we have explored Knights and Princesses.
The children have learnt so many amazing skills and we have seen them grow and develop over the sessions from this half term.
From the beginning many of our children were excited about fencing and have shown the ability to remember the basic fencing skills you have taught them. This has included fencing stepping and following fencing calls such as 'salut' 'en guard' and 'alle'.
The children have also learnt how to dress themselves appropriately for fencing and have learnt the terms used for the equipment they are using; the mask, vest, foil and most importantly they have learnt that the safest place for scoring points is the trapezium. 
As a group of pupils the children have thoroughly enjoyed having James and Emma here in school teaching them these amazing skills. I would highly recommend James and Emma to anyone who would wish for their children to learn these skills in a friendly, exciting and engaging way. Your imagination to follow the topic and engage the children further in this has been wonderful and we are very grateful for the skills you have taught the children and for the time you have put into them.

Thank you again"

Mrs S Lee Pensitone St Johns

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An amazing experience our kids really enjoyed the sessions. It was great for making observations and helped our teaching team". Jump Primary School