Training Courses

Historical Fencing

Fencing is the Oldest Western martial art and up till now it has been taught by coaches for sport.

Historical fencing teaches the art of sword play and focuses on the martial art, discipline, respect and the fun of the fight.

Our Syllabus and grading system is fully endorsed and Insured through British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA) this allows students and instructors the chance to take part in fencing with the backing of the leading Martial Arts Association in the UK.

Instructor training

Our Instructor training packages give you everything you need to delivery Safe, fun and engaging sessions to students.

The Instructor training and qualification is fully endorsed and insurable. Its is backed by membership to British Martial Arts & Boxing association under ratification. This means that as an Certified Instructor you can access Insurance and membership with the UK's No 1 Independent Martial Arts  Association that cares for its Students and Instructors.

Please take a look to see how you are able to become an Instructor in one of the most exciting Martial arts, the world of historical fencing.

Historical Fencing School Instructors Course

An introductory award designed for those who wish to begin to teach fencing. Candidates who successfully reach the required standard should be able to teach School Children– either singly or in small groups – and to teach them the basics of fencing and the history of "Art of Sword Play"

Who is it aimed at? 

- Those who are 18 or over and who wish to start to teach/coach 

- Those currently without qualifications 

- Those wishing to broaden their fencing knowledge

What are the requirements?

- A desire to learn and acquire skills and knowledge.

Where do I go for the training?

- To your a local coach with an Fencing 4 All Assessor qualification and/or 

- To a weekend coaching session (recommended) and/or 

- To a formal residential course (attendance at a residential course is not compulsory)

How do I get qualified?

- By passing an assessment by a BMABA/ Fencing 4 All Assessor.

What can i do when I am qualified?

- This Instructor training will allow you to work within schools delivering introduction to fencing courses to pupils.

- The qualification is a minimum standard for membership to BMABA as an Instructor.

- This is the minimum qualification required to deliver the BMABA Historical Fencing Syllabus and our schemes of work.

- You will be able to run in curriculum fencing sessions within schools and after school clubs.

What will I learn?

- Fencing terminology and Basic History and Sword Play

- The basic skills of a coach necessary to give the correct openings and conditions for a variety of fencing actions 

- How to conduct class and individual lessons 

- The key teaching points associated with basic fencing movements 

- Health and Safety Information

- How to plan, deliver and evaluate sessions.

- How to ensure the Safety of Students.

- Welfare and Safeguarding.

How long is the course?

- This is a 2 Day Course

What do I get when I pass?

 A certificate of qualification endorsed  by BMABA

- You are then eligible to apply for membership to BMABA as an Instructor.

What does the course cost?

- 2 Day Course £180